BBL Skin Treatments in Lonsdale, AR

BBL Skin Treatments in Lonsdale, AR

BroadBand Light (BBL) Skin Treatments are a state-of-the-art solution for people who want to enhance their skin’s appearance and health without undergoing any invasive surgery. This advanced technology uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to target and treat a variety of skin concerns. BBL is highly effective in treating acne, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, facial redness, and unwanted hair. It works by emitting light that penetrates the skin to heat the upper layers, which stimulates the skin cells to regenerate. This not only treats the existing skin concerns but also promotes the natural healing process, resulting in healthier and more rejuvenated skin. BBL Skin Treatments can be applied to various body parts such as the face, neck, back, chest, and hands, making it a versatile option for people who want to address specific skin issues or improve their overall skin tone and texture.
For those considering BBL Skin Treatments, Beyond Wellness in Lonsdale, AR, provides a professional and welcoming environment where you can achieve your skin care goals. Typically, results from BBL treatments can be seen within a few weeks after the first session and continue to improve with subsequent treatments. The duration of the results depends on the individual’s skin type, the area treated, and the number of sessions undergone, but they can last for several months to years, especially with proper skin care and follow-up treatments. We invite you to book an appointment with Beyond Wellness to explore how BBL Skin Treatments can rejuvenate your skin and boost your confidence.

Benefits of BBL Skin Treatments


The BBL Skin Treatments are a great option for anyone looking to treat skin conditions like acne, aging, sun damage, or even unwanted hair.

Improvements may be noticeable in as little as a few weeks following the initial treatment, with continued progress over time.

Results can last for several months to years, depending on the individual’s skin condition and lifestyle, with proper care and follow-up treatments.

There is minimal downtime, and some clients may experience temporary redness or swelling.

Avoid direct sun exposure and use sunscreen before and after treatment. Your skincare specialist will provide detailed pre and post-treatment care instructions.

During a BBL Skin Treatment, you will feel warm sensations as the light is applied to your skin, with the entire process typically lasting about 30 minutes, depending on the treated area.

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